2 lipsticks + 1 free quartz roller

€17 €54.50

Victim of our own success
Pack: 2 lipsticks + 1 free quartz roller

For the start of the school year, we are offering you this exclusive collaboration with the French Filler Paris brand, a roller created by specialists in aesthetic medicine, and Nabilla Beauty lipsticks for top makeup!

* 2 lipsticks of your choice among matte, satin and gloss - value between 16 to 19 €

* A rose quartz jade roller for facial yoga, with a 100% natural stone. Inspired by traditional Chinese massage techniques, it helps eliminate signs of stress reflecting on your face, ensures a radiant complexion and relaxes facial muscles. It stimulates the tissues and promotes blood circulation. The absorption of care products, creams and serums is thus facilitated. To enjoy the benefits, you can use it twice a day on the face and around the eyes; in the morning and in the evening after washing your face - value € 22.50

Your skin is beautified and ready to be made up :)
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