1 lipstick + 4 Les Fabuleuses meatball packs

€17 €27

Victim of our own success
Pack: 1 lipstick + 4 free packs

We all make dumplings but they are fabulous ... discover this surprising and delicious collaboration :)
The rain and the cold are pointing their noses. Nothing beats a lipstick and sweet treats when you have a low morale ... Here is my beauty secret: THE FABULOUS BOULETTES! An ideal, healthy, vegan treat, rich in fiber and without added sugars!

* 1 lipstick of your choice among our mat, satin and gloss - value between 16 to 19 €

* 4 sachets of 4 different flavors:
Cocoa-Peanut: the indulgence of a chocolate bar without the guilt
Raspberry-Hemp: rich in antioxidants, raspberries boost and combine wonderfully with hemp for a taste of hell
Apple-Cinnamon: an autumnal dumpling this season
Coco-Matcha: detoxifying and fat-burning, this dumpling gives more energy than coffee thanks to theophylline
Each bag contains 2 pellets
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